Protecting your business from the unexpected can be a real challenge. What would happen if your business was impacted by environmental issues such as flooding, your offices lost their landlines or if you were even denied access? Making sure you have a contingency plan in place to deal with these issues can impact your company’s profits hugely. There are some small and simple solutions available which can help your business remain profitable even in the most adverse of conditions.


Utilise The Internet

The internet has become an incredible tool for businesses, especially when it comes to keeping documents secure. Making sure that your documents are backed up is a priority for any business. Should your hard copies become lost or destroyed it’s essential to have another version, and securing them online gives optimum results. Using a tool such as Dropbox is a secure way to back up your documents so you are not solely reliant on the hard copies. Another great benefit of storing your documents online is that you are able to gain instant access to them anytime, from anywhere in the world.


Take and Transfer Calls Anywhere at Anytime

Along with having instantaneous access to your documents, having a phone line which can be accessed at any point, from office or home, can also have incredible plus points for your company. VoIP is an online telephone service which can transform your business. It allows you to access your business calls from anywhere, so should you be denied access to your business premises for either the short or long term your businesses lines of communication will remain open. Effective and reliable communication is key, and using a system like VoIP can maintain your communication channels, allowing you to redirect enquiries and even keep your number if you change premises. It means you can keep your phone lines simple and remove the loss of clients through number changes. Keeping your phone line and broadband package together will also help to eliminate technical problems as you are only dealing with one supplier. Gradwell is able to offer a range of packages to suit any business needs however large or small.


Protect Your Profits

After making sure your business can run effectively from any possible location, that only leaves one other major area of concern; you and your staff. It’s imperative to protect your business from the death or critical illness of staff members who hold a wealth of knowledge or are vital to the running of the company. 39% of business owners expect to be out of business within 18 months of the death or critical illness of their top staff members. This is a staggering statistic and highlights how important protecting your businesses future is.


Key Man Insurance

Key Man Insurance puts in place a financial cushion to diffuse the blow that losing these key staff can cause. The business pays for the insurance, so any payout goes directly back to the business. The finances can be used to cover losses the firm has suffered in profits and can cover compensation costs to clients, as well as covering the cost of replacing the staff member in question. It enables the business to recover when it’s at its most vulnerable. If you are interested in finding out more about Key Man insurance, please click here for a more in-depth look.


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