Unfortunately there are a number of continued pressures within the industry on our electricity, network and telecoms costs and therefore, in order to maintain the current levels of investment, we need to announce a number of pricing increases.

In the last year Gradwell has continued to grow and invest its profits in building a bigger and better service for customers. That equates to £185,000 invested in our support team and £250,000 in rebuilding our infrastructure and server platforms – the direct result has been a significantly improved and more reliable service to customers, with measured increases in customer satisfaction.

Changes to Call Charges & Bundles

Firstly, peak rate calls to Vodafone and Orange will rise from 10p to 12p per minute from 1st May 2010 for all direct customers. Calls to 3 will be 17p per minute peak rate.

Whilst OFCOM (the industry regulator’s) long term aim is to reduce these costs and get them to under 5p (wholesale) by the end of 2010, the mobile networks are currently varying their charges month on month and we cannot sustain these fluctuations in cost.

We have also re-worked our inclusive calls proposition and can offer new pricing for bundled calls – bundled calls can be “bolted-on” to existing services.

  • 4000 Minutes of UK Land Line Calls is now £8.00 per month (Average 0.2p per min)
  • 4000 Minutes of UK & International Land lines in 35 countries is now £25.00 per month (Average 0.6p per minute)
  • 500 Minutes of calls to any UK Mobile phone will be £30.00 (Average 6p per min)

Bundled call packages remain an excellent way for customers to fix their phone call charges so please contact our sales team on 01225 800 808 today to add a bundle to your account.

Changes to Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking Rentals for new Customers

Secondly, for new customers signing up to Gradwell’s Hosted VoIP products, we will be making a small increase of £1.00 per month to the monthly rentals, in order to cover rises in power & operations costs.

  • Multi-User VoIP – now £8.00 per month
  • SIP and IAX Inbound Trunks – now £4.00 per month
  • Remote Call Forwarding – now £4.00 per month

In addition, over the next 3 months, we will be phasing in these price changes to existing direct customers, in line with our contractual notice periods.

Customers on specific tariffs, partner tariffs, etc. are not affected by this general change notice and will receive direct pricing change notifications when applicable.


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