Gradwell Communications shortlisted for Best Newcomer at UK Cloud Awards 2016

Bath, 29 March 2016

Gradwell Communications Ltd has today been shortlisted for the “Best Newcomer” category at the 2016 UK Cloud Awards, renowned for rewarding the very best in cloud technology. The announcement marks the first time Gradwell has been nominated for the UK Cloud Awards, and indicates a significant journey which has been undertaken in the last six months.  After forming a partnership with Odin and being recognised as a Direct cloud solutions provider for Microsoft; Gradwell Communications has continued to take dynamic steps to delivering enhanced cloud options, combining Office 365 alongside it’s already market strong calls, connectivity and cloud offerings.

Gradwell’s commitment to providing a cloud service with transparency, flexibility and clear pricing is a testament to the company ethos of being simpler to work with. The flat transparent pricing structure gives small businesses’ immediate value, ROI and unique modern office solution to steer their business communications into the digital office age for only £9.99 a month.

 “It’s an incredible opportunity to give our customers a unified customer experience for calls, connectivity and Cloud”. “We are overjoyed to share with our customers the expertise we’ve gained after nearly 20 years of experience in the small business telecommunications sector”, says Peter Gradwell, CTO and founder of the Gradwell. 

 Julien St.John-Dennis, CMO, Gradwell Communications said of the nomination:

“It is great to be shortlisted in such a competitive and dynamic UK cloud marketplace and is an endorsement of our customer focus”

The awards ceremony is set for the 12th April 2016, and will take place at SkyLon, London.

About Gradwell Communications

Founded in 1998, Gradwell Communications Ltd is a UK-based, 70+ employee, and award-winning provider of communications technology that works for small businesses. Their voice over IP (VoIP) internet-based telephony, superfast broadband and cloud communications solutions are currently used by over 22,000 small businesses and partners across the UK. Gradwell invests heavily in new technologies whilst supporting a business approach that strives to always give their customers a relevant, credible and memorable experience in addition to their robust telecommunications solutions.

For more information about Gradwell Communications, please refer to www.gradwell.com



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