Looking back at 2011, we have deployed additional technology and capacity, improved levels of service – with better change control, testing and our 24×7 operations team – and we have re-engineered key elements of our VoIP services and network to support big growth in small business communications.

We have also been able to grow on all fronts; customers, turnover, profits, infrastructure. We’re looking forward to starting 2012 with a solid foundation – with money in the bank, highly developed technology and a great team of nearly 60 people, all with clear ambition.

And we’d like to say a big thank you to our customers and partners for helping us achieve this success.

Our ambition is to be four times larger in four years; to be the natural choice when a micro and small business needs to buy broadband, telephony and email.

To support that, 2012 will see us increasing the rate of platform build, as well as rolling out new ordering systems and control panels. We will continue to expand and train our Engineering and Customer Support teams. We will be bringing Fibre broadband to market, polishing the Gradwell mobile proposition and helping customers take advantage of Cloud based IT services, with our new Cloud Experts service (www.cloud-experts.co.uk).

I would like to wish you all the very best for 2012,

Peter Gradwell, Managing Director


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