As MD of Gradwell, my days are quite varied, and my time is split between being in the office and out working with clients, vendors and business partners.

Here’s how I use the services we provide to make my working life easier:

I have a direct dial number which I will answer whenever I can. I have Snom phones on my desk at home and at work, plus I use the Bria soft phone on my iPhone for making calls when I’m out and about.

When people ring my direct line, it uses time of day routing to reach me if I am at home or at work. It also simultaneously rings my mobile phone. If I can’t answer then it diverts to voicemail – but uses our voice menu feature to give customers the option of speaking to a colleague instead of just leaving a message.

Our voicemail system is quite cool. It transcribes the message and sends me an email and a text message to let me know the content of the voicemail. The automatic recognition is quick and works 9/10 times, and it is much faster to handle the messages like this.

My partner on the other hand doesn’t like getting the voice menu; she just wants to go straight to voicemail if I am on the phone. So I use the “caller id detect” feature to recognise her mobile number and route her around the voice menu.

I also spend a lot of time on conference calls. My favourite phone for doing this is my Snom 370 and its wireless headset. This allows me to sit comfortably at my desk with high quality audio and no wires.

How does using communications technology help your work style? Send a comment below to tell us about it.


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