IP telephony is the way of the future and will bring to your business cost savings in management, maintenance, and phone call costs, plus additional cost benefits from added efficiencies.

Lee Hill, Technical Manager at Packet Media, shares his views on alternative phone system offerings, and talks about one solution that he believes to be the most innovative product on the market.


An Open Source to Open Standards Journey

In 2011 Packet Media acquired ‘Communicall’ who had amongst their portfolio of products an Asterisk based PBX – and from there, their open source telephony journey began. Technical Manager Lee Hill reflects upon this journey and how it’s paving the way for exciting new times at Packet Media.

What immediately struck me about the product was the reduced initial investment as opposed to the investment required when purchasing a traditional PBX.

The amount of research and development that has gone in to the product clearly shines through, from the ease of use when provisioning a large array of handsets right through to the way that some of the more advanced features of Asterisk are available through their intuitive user interface…  read the full article about Asterix based PBXs


All of our IP PBX solutions are license free, based on open standards with no proprietary lock in, meaning you will not be locked in to one particular provider and you can add as many users as you want for no extra cost, giving you much more flexibility than a traditional PBX.

All of our IP PBX solutions incorporate ‘unified communications’ so you can place outbound calls directly from Outlook, use auto attendant functionality to direct calls efficiently to reduce receptionist workload, and use hot desking, queues, hunt and pickup groups to streamline operations.

Since the phone system uses IP for communications, savings are provided by not having to install and maintain standard phone lines.  When placing a long distance phone call to an internal company employee, no long distance charges are assessed- Ideal for a business with multiple locations.

An IP PBX will allow businesses of all sizes to implement enterprise grade functionality for a very small cost.

If you are interested in an IP PBX or would like to get more information about how they can help your business, please give Packet Media a call on 0800 652 3461

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Editors note

An IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch exchange) is a telephone system designed to deliver speech over a data network and interoperate with the normal Public Switched Telephone Network.


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