A year after O2’s Olympic flexible working pilot, they have conducted a follow up survey asking more than 400 businesses and 2,000 employees how they are getting on. It has been revealed that while staff members are embracing the new way of working, employers are holding them back.

Some of the key findings from the research found that 77% of employers believe that flexible working is encouraged across their organisations, but only 19% of staff say their company encourages them to work flexibly. What’s even more alarming is that 75% of employees feel that they are most productive when they are allowed to work flexibly but only 11% felt that their companies encourage them to actually work flexibly.

Communication is essential within any business so it’s not surprising that it’s prominent in this study. 56% of employers state that they have a clear, flexible working policy, but just 30% of employees agree. Although over 54% of employers say they give their staff the technology and tools they need to work remotely, only 33% of employees agree.

O2 business director Ben Dowd says, “Just six months since Britain’s biggest flexible working opportunity, the Olympics, it’s shocking that less than one fifth of people feel they are encouraged to work flexibly.

“Businesses must sit up and take notice of this critical evolution in employee behaviour and create a business culture equipped to support it. Talking about it simply isn’t enough. To create a truly flexible working culture, actions speak louder than words.”


Have you made any changes to flexible working at your business within the last 6 months? We would love to hear your views on the above.


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