The hassle of renewing your domain every year or two will soon be a thing of the past.

Internet registry Nominet will extend the length of time users can keep hold of their URLs from just two years to ten staring from May 2012. PC Pro reported that the move hopes to combat “cybersquatting”, where companies who fail to renew their domain quickly are left at risk of someone else registering it, before being held to ransom.

Nominet CEO, Lesley Cowley, said of the new rules: “The change will give businesses and individuals the opportunity to lock in their domains for up to ten years, giving them security of tenure and a longer period between renewals.”

“Businesses are free to choose registrations periods up to ten years and give them the opportunity to offer more flexible service.”

We fully support Nominet’s decision and will be increasing our renewal period from two to ten years on our wide-range of web hosting packages.

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