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In the second of our blogs introducing our fabulous interns from the University of Bath and Bath College, we meet 20 year-old Christie Limnois. Christie is studying Mathematics and Statistics and hails from Indonesia.

Every summer, Gradwell takes on a number of paid interns from the local colleges. It’s a scheme we, and the interns, value enormously. It gives the interns, mostly from University of Bath and Bath College, the opportunity to experience working life in a fast-paced communications technology company, and it gives us the chance to foster the local talent pool and to gain valuable insights on Gradwell’s products and services from these fresh, young minds!

What made you choose Gradwell as the place you wanted to do your internship?

I visited the office for an interview during January and from my first impression, it radiated a friendly atmosphere that I would like to belong to. I had a very pleasant time talking to the CEO, Nick Thompson, and other departmental managers. The interview went smoothly and I got to know more about what Gradwell Communications offers. I’m really pleased that the office is so central in Bath and that the founder and now CTO, Peter Gradwell, is also a University of Bath graduate.

Why did you want to do an internship, and how did this relate to your field of study and interests?

I feel like I would be able to contribute in helping Gradwell grow – not in a way that I would be able to come up with a new sales item, but more like strengthening the base that it has been supporting all along. I think I can help out in tidying and sorting data and use my statistics background in database analysis, evaluating what next steps the company could take to improve business efficiency. Furthermore, I am very open and flexible in what I do in the future so I think working in a completely new environment is a good challenge for me to grow as a working professional.

What preconceptions did you have about working at Gradwell?

To be completely honest, I had mixed feelings on starting to work at Gradwell; probably due to the fact that I am transitioning from a carefree university student who just received her bachelor degree, to a full-time worker with far greater responsibilities! I have the preconception that Gradwell employees are very tech-savvy and knowledgeable (well, they are experts at their field!) so I was quite scared that I would not be able to catch up with all the different types of software implemented. Having little to no experience in working at a technologically-driven company did worry me, but everyone made a real effort to put me at ease.

How did your preconceptions compare to the reality?

Thankfully, I was led by Martin who went to great efforts to explain everything I need to know about Gradwell – what kind of service it offers, how partnership agreements work and more. I’ve learnt so many cool acronyms such as PSTN, FTTC, VoIP, etc. that would surely make you look more professional and experienced in the field.

What did you do in your first few weeks?

Gradwell uses different software in each department. I am mainly working on Zendesk since I am dealing with tickets in Customer and Technical Support. I got to experience first-hand how technical and customer support deal with customers, by pairing up with agents dealing with live calls. I was able to assist with various Zendesk projects, such as building a new theme for the Gradwell Cloud website and creating a new layout for customer requests that enable better data filtering. Furthermore, I was able to look into Zendesk Insights and analysed different statistical figures in accordance to tickets created. To tidy up previously collected data, I managed to build a complaints tab on SharePoint which is previously only shown as an Excel spreadsheet.

What did you enjoy most?

Before I officially started working, I attended the Gradwell barbecue and got to know (almost) everyone in the office! I wouldn’t want to miss out mentioning the unlimited free, and very tasty, coffee from the machine and the pool table doubles up as a table tennis. I really enjoyed getting to learn various different software platforms like Zendesk, or more advanced Microsoft applications such as SharePoint and PowerBI. I am certainly pretty excited to be blogging as well 🙂

And least?

The first two weeks of working at Gradwell have passed by so quickly, mostly for good reasons as I have been learning not just about skills related to my job as an analyst, but also developing good working etiquette. A major crisis that I overcame was the coffee machine being out of fresh beans for two days 😉

Dealing with customer queries can be challenging, but it means you learn to think on your feet. And it’s great when you resolve a query for a customer or partner and improve their day!

How do you feel working at Gradwell could help you in your chosen career/with your study/in the future?

I am very open to challenges. I would like to work in different departments and environments to get in-depth experience in a variety of fields. Working at Gradwell has given me great exposure to real-life working environments, dealing with a variety of issues and helping to solve them. I got to work alongside other colleagues who are far more experienced and knowledgeable. I have learnt so much more in this two week period than I could have imagined.

What are you looking forward to most over the coming weeks?

Personally, getting to know more about my colleagues and also people from other departments.

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