voip gradVoIP is a wonderful tool for networking and yet much to our surprise, many business establishments remain without it. Gruelling phone bills, poor sound quality and unreliable connections should be a subject of reflective hilarity; not daily working life. Think your employers could benefit from a much needed upgrade to VoIP? Pitch these 5 facts to your boss and help them make the jump to VoIP.

  • Voicemail to Email

emailAway from your phone and missed a call? By routing your voicemails to your email address you can see when the message came in, the number it’s from, how long it is and then set it up to click a link and access the message. You can easily forward it on to other team members with ease.  Some options even send you a voice file for further efficiency.

  • Excellent Sound Quality

The lo-fidelity shortcomings that come with a traditional phone line have long hindered effective communication. VoIP enhances quality based on the quality of your broadband network and in this day and age, even an average connection will provide pristine digital clarity. Farewell distortion!

  • 24/7 Availability

Need to keep your finger on the pulse at all times? Take VoIP with you wherever you work, in your office or even abroad. Calls can be easily routed through to your PC, Mobile and existing landline phones. A mobile VoIP can even be used abroad over Wi-Fi so you never need worry about loss of contact.

  • It’s Less Expensive

One of the biggest advantages to a VoIP network plan is the substantial cost reductions you can make.  Gradwell charges a flat monthly fee for a business VoIP service, including a healthy range of standard features plus several add-ons available. Pick up an affordable bundled minutes package for whatever your business needs and it simply makes sense. By connecting through broadband you can bypass inflated traditional rental charges. Gradwell has several options to suit all natures of business so switch to us and find out for yourself.

  • User Controlled Interface

While most VoIP providers offer a web accessed interface, Gradwell have devised a simple, effective online dashboard where users can update call settings, adjust call routing, check voicemails and review bills. All this is completely secure and accessible 24/7. If anything goes wrong just give our UK office a call anytime between 8am and 8pm.

Take a look at our Business VoIP Telephony packages here.

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