This software business has developers and support staff working from home all over the world.  Their current methods for keeping in touch are a mix of Skype, mobiles, email and Facebook Messenger.  Not ideal.

The company wanted these remote staff to be part of the office network and not reliant on their mobile, local landline or social media to be involved in office discussions.  They sent a VoIP phone to each remote staff member to plug into their home broadband.  Each person immediately became part of the office phone network, able to make internal calls, receive calls and join conference facilities.

Most importantly, all the remote staff immediately became just another extension on the company phone system, so they are now as accessible as their office based colleagues.  Inbound calls are now simply transferred to the extension regardless of where it is in the world without cost and outbound calls all come from the main office number.

The benefits to the business were noticeable in a number of areas:

  • Phone bills dropped dramatically mainly from the office calling remote staff, but also from remote staff not using their mobiles so much.
  • Home based staff report feeling far more involved in teams and having easier access to colleagues on their direct extensions rather than having to dial through the switchboard as previously.
  • With direct access to office colleagues, it is noticeable that remote staff are more productive in projects.
  • Reduced office costs. Because working remotely is now far easier, more staff are taking this option without impact on their work.  A full floor on one office has been able to be emptied and let out.

This company conservatively estimates that their return on investment from installing the Gradwell VoIP system was less than a month!

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