It almost goes without saying but digital technology has progressed at an alarming rate over the past decade and a half. As you may remember, the twilight hours of the 20th century were accompanied by a troubling cocktail of emotions ranging from full on anxiety to star gazing optimism. The incoming threat of the ‘Y2K Bug’ that would supposedly cause a full on digital apocalypse was being hotly disputed in the press while musicians and artists mused on the social and geographical detach that the digital age would encourage (Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’ being a key example).

Fast forward to 2015 and our predictions no longer seem that far-fetched. Socially, we are now unified by little plastic gadgets that accompany us everywhere ushering in a new era of business and employment in digital media. The question is – where do we go from here? The entertainment industry is now reaching a rather pleasant balance between streaming and physical content after years of battling piracy, mobile internet is readily available across most of the developed world and we can broadcast our lives with the tap of a screen… what an age, eh?

Here’s Gradwell’s two top picks for future innovations in networking…

  • 5G

Mobile internet has truly got us by the scruff, if you’re not enjoying 3 or 4G chances are you’re scrambling for a Wi-Fi pass code. While 4G offers impressive speeds and stability, 5G looks set to blow things out of the water. Samsung did a 5G test in October last year and were able to achieve 7.5Gb/s download speeds on a mobile network. This is going to be a huge influence in the burgeoning presence of ‘smart’ technology and driverless vehicles. No wonder it’s going to be at least another half decade till we see this normalised.

  • Smart ‘Everything’

Self driving cars, smart kitchen surfaces, delivery drones, networked food services. Business will surely benefit from the increased focus on networked appliances. The shift towards a digital future will also see increased pressure to keep users safe and our daily routines as efficient as possible. Businesses will benefit from faster, more reliable connections and the accessibility of VoIP style services will help people network from places once considered digitally detached. Our imagination is the only limit it would seem!

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