From the 1st of March 2010 Gradwell will be changing the way we communicate with our customers on the telephone. All callers must successfully provide a passphrase before account details can be discussed.

Why are we making this change?

This will make your important account information and personal details more secure.

How do I set a passphrase?

If you are an existing customer you will be prompted to set a passphrase when you next login to your control panel.

New customers will create a passphrase during the registration process.

What can I use as a passphrase?

You can use any combination of letters and/or numbers you wish between 6 and 16 characters. This can be a word or a random sequence.

How do I change my passphrase?

If you wish to change your passphrase, login to your account and navigate to the Contact details section.

What if I forget my passphrase?

If you forget your passphrase, simply login to your control panel and set a new one.

If you are unable to access your control panel you will need to send an email to from the account’s master email address requesting a passphrase reset.


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