This distribution business had a telephone system in their office connected to ISDN lines for their calls.  With seven full time and four more part time staff, their needs weren’t massive, yet their monthly phone bill was always in excess of £450.

Worse, their phone system was getting old and the supplier wanted them to spend thousands more installing a new, complex system.

At a networking event the business owner heard about Gradwell’s service from another customer and got in touch.  He was delighted to find that he was able to remove his ageing phone system and expensive ISDN lines, replacing them with a new Broadband connection and “virtual PBX” from Gradwell.

With Gradwell’s help, they have been able to reduce their monthly phone bill to less than £150 – a 65% saving!

And it gets better… The owner regularly travels around the UK and wanted to be able to take calls on his mobile routed from the office.  Gradwell were able to provide him a SIM for his mobile that makes the phone behave like another office extension.

So the owner can now call the office, have calls transferred to him and even use his own DDI line on his mobile wherever he happens to be.

What started out as a desire to reduce costs has now turned into something that is giving this client significant business benefit whilst also reducing costs.

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