A large proportion of start-ups begin as a home-based business with fewer than five staff members. In the early days of a company starting up, every penny really does count, and it can be hard to maintain a professional image while keeping costs down.

It is important to minimise possible problems as early as possible so that your start-up can succeed. With VoIP solutions, your business can become more streamlined, professional looking and scalable without a hefty price tag.

VoIP is running calls over the internet rather than traditional telephone lines, which can be done very cheaply or even free for VoIP to VoIP calls of the same provider. The costs of a start-up are often high, but you can rest assured that your phone bills will be manageable. Try our cost calculator to see how much you could save compared to an old fashioned landline.

Gradwell started selling VoIP because we needed it ourselves. A long time ago we were a team of three based in different locations across the country. We wanted to speak to each other for free, and we wanted to look more professional by making it seem like we were all in one place. We made our own VoIP platform so that customers could ring one number and all three phones would ring. We could also speak to each other for free. It worked so well, that a few years later we started selling it to our customers to use.
It doesn’t matter whether a business needs to get in touch with its staff at home or customers on the other side of the world, VoIP is more than up to the challenge. When it’s used to call overseas destinations, rates are typically significantly lower than traditional telephone operators charge.

Another fantastic feature that is invaluable for a lot of start-ups is the flexibility of VoIP. If you spend a lot of time out and about, you can forward your business calls to your mobile phone or any other phone that’s convenient. Alternatively you can forward it to a colleague’s business phone, even if they’re in another part of the country.

When your business grows, your phone system can grow with it. It only takes a matter of minutes to add new lines to your VoIP account, just a few clicks of a mouse. So when you get new members of staff in your growing business, it’s easy and hassle-free to get them connected.
It makes sense to invest in VoIP rather than a traditional landline, and start-up businesses stand to gain more than most. The technology is an easy way to tailor your communication system to your exclusive needs and significantly reduce costs, giving your business the best chance of prospering in the uncertain economic climate.

If you’re interested in Gradwell VoIP for your business start-up, why not get in touch? You can speak to our sales team for a chat on 01225 800 808 or email sales@gradwell.com


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