Using the internet has become part a vital part of everyday business life, so understanding the amount of data you’re using  is vital, especially if you’re aiming to keep bills down  as going over your monthly limit means extra charges.

Downloading or streaming video, browsing the internet, downloading high resolution images, all use up some of your broadband usage, but what does that actually mean?

Streaming video is one of the biggest culprits for those going over their limits. The BBC  provide information detailing how much of your bandwidth is used when streaming an hour’s worth of video, based on a connection using the very popular iPlayer as an example:.

We’ve found that if you are using iPlayer in normal quality then for 1 hour programme you download about 228MB-300MB and upload 6MB approximately. If you are watching the same programme on high quality then expects your download to be about 300MB-400MB with upload of 8MB.

So what about VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)? Using VoIP as a small business typically means you can have between one to five people using VoIP at any one time, and therefore using your business’ internet connection. This means, while you might not think you’re using the connection, you can easily go above your download limit, especially if you are on a residential broadband package which may limit you to as little as 2GB. Couple that with all your other internet activity and you could be in for some expensive months!

As a VoIP provider this is why we advise our customers to have two broadband lines coming into their business; one for data and one for VoIP. This allows the business to have one line dedicated to voice data and another line for web browsing, downloading etc. It also means that businesses don’t have to worry about the activity of your employees off the phone impacting on the audio quality or stability of VoIP calls.

There are other options of course, if you are a smaller company or you feel you don’t need two broadband lines. We do offer a variety of broadband packages with a range of generous allowance limits, from 20GB to 200GB. We also prioritise all VoIP data on our broadband network, which means your VoIP calls will always come first over traditional data.

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