Gradwell has always been dedicated to understanding and meeting customer needs. To formalise this a little, we’ve just kicked off the first in a series of customer surveys to find our more about your businesses, your priorities and your views on our performance. In December we asked for feedback from our business customers, in the New Year we’ll be asking for input from residential users and resellers.

If you were one of the 792 people who responded to the invitation to take part, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time. We’ll be using the findings to improve our marketing, support and administrative communications. Do look out for changes in the New Year, and don’t hold back with your views on what we’re up to.

Key findings

  • Technical ability
    • 36% of our business customers consider themselves technology experts
    • 47% of our business customers consider themselves broadly competent
    • 17% of our business audience are either completely lost or use it but don’t know how technology works
  • The majority of our business customers have fewer than 10 employees and their Internet technology requirements are handled alongside other duties.
  • More than half of our business customers either have multiple locations or people working remotely.
  • 93% of our business customers class themselves as positive or neutral in regard of their overall opinion of Gradwell.
  • Of our current product offering, most of our businesses are considering investing in Business Broadband in the future.
  • The top three reasons for using Gradwell were:
    • That we offer the best customer service.
    • That we’re small business specialists.
    • That we offer the best functionality.
  • In terms of the performance criteria that are most important to our business customers, these were the top five:
    • Effective incident resolution.
    • Fast incident resolution.
    • Clear and consistent pricing.
    • Technical expertise.
    • Ability to support business critical services.
  • Areas our business customers would like us to focus our time in implementing improvements are in overall reliability and the speed and effectiveness of incident resolution.
  • Areas our business customers were particularly impressed were in our ability to speak to them in plain English, our ability to advise them on what they need and in the flexibility of our working relationships.
  • The top three business priorities for our business customers next year are:
    • Generating new business.
    • Retaining existing business.
    • Reducing their hassle.
  • Overall, our business customers weren’t particularly excited by our company strap line.
  • The top three communications services our business customers would most like to see us introduce are Call-Back Requests, Customer Forums and Technical Webinars.
  • There was a mixed view on whether people would like more technical or benefit-led communications, with a correlation to technical ability – where our technical experts are less interested in business benefits and the technical novices wanting to see what our products mean in a business context.

We also had over 150 people offer to appear as a testimonial or case study for us and as many again opting in to participate in deeper research. This is fantastic, and we’ll certainly be taking people up on these kind offers of support.

This is just the beginning of a programme of customer insight. So, if you’ve not yet had a chance to participate, there will be many more chances throughout the first quarter of next year.

Thanks again to all of you participated. We’re already putting plans into action to respond to the feedback you gave.


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