As a leading Bath based business offering broadband, internet and telecoms to 12,000 small businesses across the UK, with approximately six hundred of these businesses being within the local “BA” postcode we understand the importance of a better internet infrastructure within the area.

There are three main points to why we feel BANES should improve their Superfast Broadband:

1. What superfast broadband affords us.

As market leaders in “internet telephony” we understand the importance of the services that run on the internet. Much has been achieved since broadband was rolled-out in 2002 and the market continues to grow (currently worth £322M in the UK). Efficient internet infrastructure and services are essential to the UK economy.

2. Broadband is the 4th utility.

We carried out a survey in November 2011 asking 300 local businesses within eight geographical regions across the UK (Bath, Cambridge, Southampton, Birmingham, Derby, Nottingham, Bournemouth, and Oxford) about their reliance on broadband.  Businesses in all eight of the areas surveyed said that disruption to their broadband service was second only to disruption on the roads in terms of a negative effect on their business.

Within Bath, we found that over eighty per cent of businesses need computers and the internet to conduct business on a daily basis. In the event of failure, two hundred and nineteen out of the 300 business owners surveyed, put the cost of a day’s disruption at up to £1000, and seventy eight of respondents said they have a broadband failure as frequently as once a month.

3. Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) could solve the problem.

Moving the equipment closer to homes and premises makes the wires shorter and faster, which addresses the reliability and performance concerns currently experienced with Broadband services. Secondly, even though satellite and mobile solutions have been around for 10+ years, it is not physically or economically possible to deliver the quantity of bandwidth required today, via these mechanisms.

Here at Gradwell we feel that the pros outweigh the cons in relation to the economic benefit of upgrading this essential utility against the cost of funding it within Bath.

Fibre to the cabinet is the future for Internet connectivity and here at Gradwell we are fully supporting it. To find out more about our FTTC package, get in touch on 01225 800 808 or email

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