Gradwell has joined the latest phase of the UK’s Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) on Demand rollout. The FTTP “ultra-fast” trial offers speeds of 330Mbps downstream/30Mbps upstream over 36 months. The product is available to Gradwell customers and for Partners to resell and generate profit.

Managing Director and founder, Peter Gradwell, says “FTTP on demand is a hugely exciting product because it will place a true, fibre optic connection within reach of many businesses this year. The benefits are huge: Much improved reliability, ultrafast speeds and minimal contention will make it much easier for business to be done online. We are really excited to be taking part in this trial.”

The offer is available to businesses in High Wycombe, Bristol South, Edinburgh Waverley, St Agnes, Manchester Central, Basingstoke, Watford and Cardiff Central via fibre enabled cabinets.

Gradwell Partners have the exclusive opportunity to resell FTTPoD, either as a co-branded product or to white labelled as their own, allowing them to extend their offering. You can join our Partner scheme on the package that suits you and your business, and can upgrade as you build your business. If you’re interested in becoming a Partner, speak to our sales team on 01225 581 904 or email

The product is also available to direct Gradwell customers. Click here for more information.



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