Discover below how Jamie Finfer, our Gradwell intern is getting on since his last update:

I could begin this entry with a cliché observation that the time has flown, but I won’t (not directly, at least). It’s true, the weeks here have passed, and the novelty has faded, but the enjoyment is still there; having a developed role in a number of projects really make my hours feel productive, both to myself and to the company.

Following on from my last blog, I’ve completed a number of the qualifications that I’ve been working towards, including a Google Analytics Certification –  hopefully this will be followed by a Google AdWords qualification of the same nature. This has been supplemented by my insight into social media marketing via Twitter flight school and Facebook Blueprint, but I’ve also been gaining less conventional knowledge through my participation in meetings and team updates.

Some of my more interesting work, however, has been involved with the Gradwell knowledge base and website; the capacity to work in tandem with Joseph on a multi-faceted project has been incredibly fruitful, both in terms of the content we produced and the development of our collaborative data-analysis, presentational and project planning skills. I definitely feel that my data crunching and technical abilities have improved drastically.

What was great about this most recent project was that it involved co-operatively advising on company strategy alongside members of the Senior Leadership Team, including the COO. Besides all the learning and my projects, I’ve found the most educational experience so far to be the evaluation of several creative content agencies that were competing to win our business – being on the receiving end of a pitch was an interesting experience!

I’d like to say I’ve gotten into the swing of the early mornings, but my body clock tells me otherwise; luckily, I have my co-workers who are extremely sympathetic to my lazy student lifestyle to help me through the mornings (thanks guys!).




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