In August this year, Gradwell launched its infrastructure refresh project, which involves the installation of just over 1.4 ton of hardware. Clearly a major undertaking for any company, we’re keen to ensure that we maximise our efforts by adopting best practices across the board.

Now that we’ve completed phase one of the infrastructure project – which involved the reinstallation of the entire service platform within our London site last weekend – and as part of phase two of the project, we’ve reviewed our security measures. We intend to extend our general anti-hacking measures, and in addition will be making specific changes to how we safeguard customers and partners from the increasing threat of fraudulent international phone calls.

The changes are;

Email and web hosting

Customers of our email and web hosting products are strongly advised to reset their passwords. As we move to a new and much improved platform, this is an ideal opportunity to review security and start with a really solid footing on the new infrastructure.

VoIP phone extensions

Where we manage the VoIP phone, we will be changing the extension passwords remotely. We will notify you the day before we change your extension password and will include full details of what you will need to do in order to access the new credentials.

Where we do not manage the phone, the extension password should be changed as soon as possible. If the password is not changed by October 1st, we may restrict functionality of the phone, notably the countries that can be called from the phone as a fraud prevention measure.

Gradwell Control Panel

On-going from September 5th – any changes to security settings and contact details within the Gradwell control panel (on an account basis) will trigger an email to the registered user notifying them of the changes, in much the same way that a bank might send a text message to your mobile letting you know that a direct debit has been set-up on your current account.

We have a number of other ongoing plans to improve how we work and I’ll be talking more about those in the near future.




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  1. chantal 7th September 2012 at 3:07 pm - Reply

    Hi Craig,

    A small sub-set of our customer database was breached and we’re sorry that you are one of those customers affected. Since being made of aware of the breach, our Engineering team have made a number of changes to stop it and prevent it happening again. We recommend that you change your SIP passwords and account master password as a matter of urgency and apologise for the inconvenience that this has caused you.

    Many Thanks ^CJ

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