We are delighted to be featured in this month’s PC Pro Magazine. In this month’s issue, Steve Cassidy asks “Is your telephony service as smart as it needs to be?”

This article covered “Unified Communications” and Julien St John-Dennis, chief marketing officer of Gradwell, was asked to comment on the article to give a second opinion.

Julien St John-Dennis commented:

“Unified communications has been the talk of computing for years, but what does it actually mean for the average business?” asks Julien St John-Dennis, chief marketing officer of Gradwell – an established provider of IP telephony in the UK, having started in 1998. “Businesses must consider the wider context of the shift to the cloud to ensure unified comms are implemented in a way that matches the functionality they actually need.”

In addition, Julien St John-Dennis highlights the necessity of assessing the impact of bandwidth requirements.

“You must ensure that bandwidth is both symmetrical and scalable,” he said. “Otherwise, you won’t realise the full benefits of cloud-based unified communications, particularly the integration of voice into CRM and other vertical applications; these are major growth areas not only for Gradwell, but for businesses in general.”

The article itself is very informative regarding the latest “buzz phrase” in the industry and our contribution can be found on page 99 of the magazine.

“Taking the plunge” with Office 365

In the same issues of PC Pro, an in-depth article discusses “taking the plunge” with Office 365. As I’m sure you’re aware Gradwell are huge advocates and Microsoft Gold Partner of Office 365, and we are firm believers that it can have huge benefits to almost any business. Switching over to the Office 365 however can take a bit of planning and in this month’s PC Pro magazine they explore how to make the switch over to Office 365 as smooth as possible.

If you have read any of the two articles in this month’s PC Pro Magazine and have questions, we’d love to hear from you. Switching over to Office 365 may seem daunting to businesses large or small, but the team at Gradwell are here to help answer your questions.


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