This week has marked a milestone in Gradwell’s growth journey, having removed all of our old infrastructure. This stuff was fitted around 2005 and is now off to be recycled.

October sees the close of the financial year, so we’re taking a good look at what we’ve achieved since we received our expansion investment in March. This has been a year of huge investment internally: people, technology, systems – we’ve grown the company to 70 people and installed 1.4 tonnes of new server equipment from HP.

We completed the first tranche of work in August which encompassed a tricky set of wiring changes. From here the next phases are much simpler and we will be migrating customers across to a new telephone system in Manchester and London over the winter months.


For us, 2013 is all about putting these tools into action and we are looking forward to providing you with even higher levels of service – focusing on easier to use systems, greater capacity and a refreshed product offering in all areas, particularly in hosting.

















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