Gradwell, the leading and award-winning one-stop internet business provider for the UK’s SME sector, is to expand its services with SpinVox API (Application Programming Interface) from SpinVox, the global leader in voice to content messaging.

SpinVox API leverages SpinVox VMCS, the world’s largest commercial speech platform and the world’s first Cloud speech service, which already has over 30 million users and is growing fast. It provides a fully hosted platform with proven scale-on-demand capability and reliability to deliver on commercial strength service level agreements (SLAs). SpinVox API is available in English, Spanish, German and French.

It also enables SpinVox to collaborate with third parties to foster further innovations in voice and expand their markets by removing their need for expensive, specialist speech knowledge and high-end hardware costs. It also complements existing SpinVox platform development services for Enterprise application partners and Carrier networks.

SpinVox co-founder and CEO Christina Domecq says: “SpinVox API is the first open platform for the co-creation of a new category of services. It confirms SpinVox as the defacto standard for a new generation of speech products, delivering a simple and reliable mass-market experience and developing new revenue streams for both SpinVox and its partners.

According to Gradwell’s managing director, Peter Gradwell: “The rapid development of services we’ll be able to achieve using SpinVox API will be reinforced with our comprehensive UK support system, ensuring smooth and efficient installation and excellent customer care. Our staff are also available to talk to customers and provide advice whenever needed as the new applications add value to their businesses.

In March 2009 Gradwell, launched the `Spoken through Spinvox` Voice-to-Text service for its Hosted PBX Platform allowing customers to read their voicemail messages via text or email.

This enables ‘on the move’ or remote employees to keep in touch with any voicemail message received on their office phone with ease and allows voicemail messages to be easily prioritised, forwarded and/or archived – no longer stuck in the voicemail inbox.

With this innovative service we have already stolen a march on our competitors,” adds Gradwell. “Using SpinVox API we will be able to build market share and move further into the lead.”

SpinVox API in English was announced at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona in February 2009 and developers were invited to pre-register their interest in SpinVox API in advance of its launch via a web registration page –

Since then, over 500 developers have become SpinVox API programme members and, of these, 40 have now been selected by SpinVox to be part of the co-creation programme and have now been tested on a live server.

These include business efficiency, personal productivity and social networking handset applications; survey software; business utility tools and voicemail solutions especially in the UC space. Developed using the SpinVox API, the first iPhone application enabled by SpinVox – Quick Voice Pro – is already available on the App Store.


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