New statistics from Gradwell show that our customers have continued to work this week, despite employees being unable to reach the office in averse weather conditions.

Despite the snow, stats indicate that between 9am and 10am on the 5th and 6th of January, almost as many phone calls were made as on any other working day of the year.

Gradwell phone services and voice-enabled broadband allows small businesses to enable home working, meaning employees can still make phone calls over the Internet and appear to use the business’s landline number.

On a typical working day, around 6,000 VoIP phone calls are made through Gradwell between 9am and 10am. During this year’s bad weather however, 6,090 calls were made at this time on 5th January and 5,666 on 6th January.

Managing Director Peter Gradwell said: “Although our statistics reveal a slight dip in the number of calls made on 6th January, in the main businesses have continued to operate as normal despite the snow. Although there are lots of potential reasons for adopting VoIP technology, including cost reduction, one of the main benefits is the ability to use one number from any location. The advantage of this becomes particularly apparent during bad weather. For example, 12 members of staff here at Gradwell were unable to reach the office today, yet all are able to work from home.

"Despite the recession, we’ve seen customer numbers rise dramatically in recent months with over 10,000 SMEs now using our services. The increased use of VoIP technology is a trend that I think we’ll see throughout 2010 as broadband access continues to increase and more and more people choose to work flexibly."


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