Bath, 25 March, 2015—The Chancellor announced an extension of the government funded Broadband Connection Voucher scheme on 18th of March and confirmed that with effect from 1st of April 2015, the SuperConnected Cities broadband scheme will increase its city coverage from 22 to 50 cities across the UK and will include Bath. Small to medium-sized businesses, registered charities, sole traders and social enterprises based within the 50 cities are eligible for up to £3000 in vouchers toward the costs of securing or upgrading broadband. Ultra-fast fibre to the premises broadband is proven to enable the digital and commercial revitalisation of small businesses, and now business owners are getting government money to install the service which gives access to internet speeds of nearly 100 times faster than current broadband averages. The barriers that previously limited ultra-fast fibre to the premises services to big corporate businesses are being torn down to create an even playing field.

The scheme works with freshly audited broadband supplier partners, chosen to ensure no one company or brand has the ability to act as a gatekeeper to businesses accessing the programme. Based in James Street West, Gradwell Communications is the Bath-based approved supplier for the SuperConnected Cities, and has been a registered since the scheme launched in 2014. With Bath now included in the SuperConnected Cities catchment area for Bristol, Gradwell is ideally placed to help serve community businesses on their doorstep. Gradwell has recently brought fast broadband to Bath Business Park where BT and other big corporate suppliers simply would not take on the task. Gradwell also launched the GigaBath project aimed at bringing Bath business up to speed last February. With over ten years’ experience in high speed connectivity, Gradwell is able to focus delivering reliable broadband to local Bath companies.

Lightning fast connection speeds for downloading and uploading files, artwork, documents, videos and data, the ability for multiple devices stay connected to the internet without interruption and the ability for a mobile workforce or home-working employees to share information and talk to colleagues or customers wherever they working more reliably are only a few of the benefits a business can gain from faster broadband. To help companies in Bath benefit from the scheme, Gradwell is running pre-eligibility checks to guide interested businesses through the application process. The government vouchers cover installation costs up to £3,000, whilst monthly service costs are covered by the customer. The Connection Voucher scheme isn’t specifically linked to any type of broadband technology – fibre, wireless, cable, mobile and other types of connection are all currently covered by the programme, giving Bath businesses the chance to join the digital revolution. For more information, contact or visit


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