Google+ is still relatively new to the social media market after making its debut in mid-2011. As it is a Google platform it could become quite a big deal; it is suggested that Google own 23% of the internet browser market and 70% of the search market. So what does that actually mean for your business and why should you consider using Google+?

Having a Google+ account means your profile and business page are included in any Google Search results related to your business. This means you automatically receive a bump up the Google rankings without any additional costs for you.

Still not convinced? Check out some more benefits below:

1.         Google+ hangouts

This has been described as face to face online social networking. You can have up to 9 people chatting or video chatting all at once and sharing lots of different types of media such as YouTube videos, collaborating on a Google Doc project or creating art.

2.        Google+ Circles

This is a great feature for grouping together your clients; you can group them into whatever circles you want. When you accept or add a new connection you are automatically asked to put them into a circle, this means you don’t ever have to worry about a backlog of unassigned connections.

3.       Sharing made easy

Whilst using other social media platforms you are unable to search for content or pictures to share on your page, you would typically have to open a new tab or browser and search for a link, picture or article and then share that. With Google+ you are able to use a tool called Sparks within Google+ without having to go to any external sites, you can just push the share button and it’s done.

We would love to hear your feedback on Google+, are you currently using it? What do you think? Or have you so far not been using it, but perhaps now you have changed your mind?

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