Glasgow has won £24 million of government funding to become the guinea pig for a range of new ‘smart city’ technologies, giving us an idea of how future UK cities might work. 26 bids were submitted to the Technology Strategy Board, of which four – Glasgow, Bristol, London and Peterborough – were shortlisted last month.

Projects planned include real-time traffic information, apps to check when buses and trains are arriving, and a pothole reporting service. Facial analysis for CCTV and energy use monitoring (to make electricity and gas delivery more efficient) is also proposed. A particular ambition is to analyse how systems for monitoring and improving technologies within cities can be integrated with one another.

“Connected cities have the potential to improve the quality of life for residents through more efficient physical systems, improved, real-time information about what they want to hear about and reduced energy consumption from smart buildings,” commented Tim Kay of KPMG’s technology start-up practice.

The funding for Glasgow will give UK technology companies a foothold in a sector that could be worth £22 billion in the coming years. All of the data produced by the projects will be publicly available so that other cities can benefit from it as well.


What do you think of the plan? Is this a good way to introduce new technologies into the UK? Share your thoughts below.


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