Having the right phone number makes a difference to your customers, and to you. Locally or abroad.

Is your business based in one place but you want to expand your coverage area to the next town? VoIP can help you.  Here are some tips on why the right number makes a difference…

1. VoIP numbers

With a local VoIP number, you can give your customers and clients the assurance and low-cost calling charges of dialling a local number. You can obtain a VoIP number for the next town or city, or even the next country and have phone numbers for all the different sales areas ring through to the same phone in a single base of operations.

2. Number porting

Wherever you set up your VoIP account, you can bring your existing number with you, so you’ll still maintain the integrity of having a local number, but the possibilities for your telephony has now increased ten-fold.

Should you be looking to offer your customers a freephone number instead of a local number, then it’s just as easy to set up a 0800 number as it is to set up a local one.

An example would be a company in Leeds are looking to widen their sales perimeter to include Manchester, Birmingham, London or Paris. Rather than opening up an office in that city, with all of the capital costs involved, they can simply use a local number for that area.

All the calls can be routed through to a central office and services can be advertised anywhere, widening the coverage area and really letting online marketing mean global sales opportunities.

3. Choice of numbers

You can choose a local number from a choice of UK area dialling codes, which means your customers will get that same familiar local feeling, wherever you’re based. If you want a local number for the USA, Europe or the Middle-East, there is a wide range of local, national and toll-free numbers available to you.

4. Local presence

Imagine a taxi company that served only Bristol, but it wanted to include Cardiff too. Does it need to set up an office in Cardiff, or does it simply need a local VoIP number for Cardiff and handle all the calls through the Bristol office? Give out a local number and let your central hub take the calls for a straightforward, hassle-free solution to your telephone issue.

5. Overseas presence

Do you travel for business meetings with many clients in different cities? Create a local presence for your business and help the customer feel closer to you. You can hand out business cards with local numbers for Birmingham, Hamburg, Tokyo or Sydney. The client’s happy because they don’t have to call long distance or international to get hold of you, and you can track where the business has come from.

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