The team at Gradwell are well aware how tough building a small company from scratch can be. Sourcing funding, hiring talent and establishing a brand take their toll on even the strongest of business minds. Once things take off though, the next step can be even harder – making it to the big time. To help the many small businesses out there that Gradwell have had the pleasure of working with, we thought it would be nice to compile a list of top tips to ease the transition from small to big!

  • Ask Questions

Firstly, ask yourself – ‘where do I want my business to go, what do I want it to be?’ All business owners want their business to be better but sometimes growth can be the golden key to such improvements. Talk to your teams, peers and investors about how they feel, there’s no need to go this alone – you may be surprised by what you hear! Speaking with business consultants is no bad idea either…

  • Methodical Spending

It’s easy to make your business look bigger on the outside than it really is (I.e. spending a ton on a ridiculous web design or advertisement campaign) but in reality, focus on what counts – the quality of service you actually offer. Once you’re pulling out an ideal service, your advertisement shouldn’t require so much fluffing; so just tell people what you do!

  • Innovate

It’s easy to say ‘ah, well we just need to be creative’ but without an actual plan, your words will never amount to anything. Harsh but true – look at competition, look at the marketplace; what are people doing that you are not? Try something new at least once a year that refreshes your brand, whether it’s a new service, product or project – always keep things in the pipeline!

  • Partnerships

Being independent is great but if a larger entity offers you a golden opportunity to team up and reinvigorate your brand, do give it serious thought. A partner with wider resources and a bolder footprint can open countless doors once locked.

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