bath university intern christie limnoisChristie, one of our fabulous Bath University paid interns, is enjoying her tenth week as a Business Analyst for Gradwell Communications. We snatched ten minutes out of her busy schedule to find out how she has benefited from the experience, and what her plans for the future might hold.

How did the reality of office life compare with your preconceptions?

The working environment here at Gradwell is certainly more laid back than the strict office life that I was afraid of. I feel much more comfortable working in the office now as I got to know everyone so well.

What would you say are the key things you learnt, and how your experience with Gradwell help you in the future?

At first, I was hesitant to start an internship here at Gradwell at first, due to the fact that I am not very confident about working with multiple software packages, and also the fact that I have little to no experience on the industry. I have learnt so much more than I expected. It has definitely boosted my confidence- and made me realise that everyone starts from a similar point at the beginning of their career. It has certainly taught me not to be afraid to learn new skills. And it’s fine to ask for help when you need it.

What has been the best thing about your placement with Gradwell?

Being able to work with real-life data, and applying what I have learnt in my university years is really motivating and exciting. I was able to work on diverse projects such as complaints and cancellations data in SharePoint, analysing data on PowerBI, dealing with ticket targets on Excel and most recently working on Gradwell Billing presentation. There is also a feeling of accomplishment when Gradwell actually published the website design template that I worked on during the first week!

And your least favourite thing?

It might sound funny (and alarming, given my age) but my knees have become weaker from walking up and down the hill to work every day…

Has your experience at Gradwell affected your career choices or ambitions for the future, if so, how?

I have always wanted to be an analyst, but unsure of what type of analyst or which industry to work at. Working at Gradwell for three months has certainly assured me that I will enjoy my career as a business analyst. This placement has allowed me to improve my technical and multi-tasking skills, as well as my social skills. I am certainly thinking of going down the path of working as an analyst in the future.

Would you recommend an internship with Gradwell to other students?

Absolutely. I love the fact that Gradwell provide opportunities to a variety of candidates – they even offer apprenticeships. It is certainly a vibrant workplace to work at! You will meet a wide variety of people working at Gradwell with lots of different areas of expertise and personalities. There’s plenty to learn from the people around you.

What are your plans andambitions for the future?

Being a new graduate and not a British national, I am very glad I took this opportunity to be in the Gradwell Support team as a Business Analyst. I am certainly enjoying getting paid at the  end of each month – it still feels surreal that I am now a university graduate and ready to take on my first full time job.

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