Next-generation rollout plans for London have been hit by the Olympics coming to town.

From the 1st of March 2012, Transport for London (TfL), who look after most aspects of London’s  transport system, will enforce a ban on street works taking place across essential parts of the city’s Olympic Route Network (ORN).

This ban is designed to help keep road works related to transport congestion to an absolute minimum during the expected increase in traffic, both pedestrian and vehicle, for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

It will causes significant headaches for ISPs rushing to meet the demand for next-generation fibre broadband services. TfL’s move will create large broadband firms looking to lay fibre optic cable and other communications infrastructures in the same areas.

There will be a further ban in place from the 1st July on the rest of the ORN, which covers most central London streets.

Customers operating business on the ORN and want fibre services need to make sure any orders are placed by the end of February 2012 “at the very latest”. Those in the secondary area have until May.

(Image by Sam Scazon)


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