The European Commission have opened a public consultation that aims to cut the costs of broadband investment by up to 25%.

They are aiming to make it cheaper for residential and business broadband users to install new superfast broadband networks in the EU. Currently, up to 80% of superfast broadband costs come from installation works, such as digging up roads or disabling traffic signals to lay the fibre optic cable used for new connections.etc).

Europe’s Digital Agenda, which the consultation is part of, aims to make sure everybody across Europe can access 300Mbps+ superfast broadband. They have set a target that; by 2020 50% of EU households are using a service that provides a minimum of 100 Mbps.

Neelie Kroes, European Commission Vice President, said of the consultation’s aims:

We need to cut the engineering costs of rolling-out broadband networks if we want to spread faster broadband across Europe. We need to test practical ideas on how to cut costs and how to make it easier to access, re-use and share this infrastructure. There is nothing more annoying for citizens than road-digging, and nothing more annoying to businesses than pointless red tape.”

Kroes also highlighted several key areas that would help bring costs down:

  • better coordination of engineering projects,
  • sufficient re-use of existing infrastructure
  • manageable procedures for clearing rights of way
  • better coordination between the various parties involved, such as the utility firms and telecoms firms

The public consultation will run until the 20th July, 2012.

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