A specialised property management business in Somerset asked us to look at their connections and make some low cost recommendations. We recommended an additional fibre (FTTC) connection. They could also have taken an extra ADSL connection as an alternative but their expansion plans made the small extra monthly cost the best value.

This company chose to configure their new broadband so that the new fast broadband line served their Internet traffic and the old ADSL line their VoIP phones and guest wifi network for visiting clients and partners.  (This is only one of many possible configurations possible – Gradwell can help you decide on the best configuration for your business.)

Six weeks later their old connection went down.  They were able to move all traffic to the new Gradwell broadband line so they were still able to take instructions, handle vendor calls and deal with maintenance issues. The line was only down for 24 hours due to a problem at the other vendor, but as the outage was on the last day of the month, without Internet access they would have been dead in the water, unable to take or make phone calls, do any end of month reporting or send statements and invoices.

The business next door lost their only broadband connection to the same failure and suffered significant problems from which they were still recovering three weeks later!he small cost of installing the second broadband line certainly paid for itself in that one situation.  All the other benefits of being able to use different lines for different sorts of Internet traffic are a bonus.

If your business could not function without the Internet, get in touch with us today.  Fitting a second broadband connection is one of the best insurance policies you can take out for your business.


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