It may not be a topic of great comfort, but disaster recovery is an unavoidable factor in the makeup of any self-respecting small business. In today’s 24/7/365 global business environment and with our extreme dependency on information technology, businesses simply cannot afford downtime for even a few hours, much less a few days. That’s why implementing a business disaster recovery plan is so very important for businesses, especially smaller businesses that can be affected by immediate cash flow problems if disaster strikes.

To avoid such a plan is to neglect your business and the people that keep it in motion; this is why communication should come to the forefront of such procedure. In the case of evacuation or temporary relocation, it’s important that you have a strong, transferable communication system to keep the business networked.

VoIP is the ideal choice for such circumstance and can be easily set up in a matter of minutes in a remote location should you take the proper precautions. Consider the following factors when planning your communication solution for disaster recovery…

  • Remote Access

Say your office has been evacuated and you’ve set up your phones in a temporary location. With a valid VoIP service all you’ll need to do is connect your system to a high speed internet service and it’ll be like you never left. The fact that VoIP operates digitally over the internet saves the grief and paperwork that comes with relocating a traditional phone line service.  Further yet, employees can even access the company VoIP via their 4G and Wi-Fi phones meaning you’ll never lose track of a soul in the event of a disaster.

  • Gradwell Cloud Backup

One of the key concerns for a business during disaster will be the security of their files. If you fail to back up your files to anything other than a physical drive, there’s a fatal chance of outright data loss. Gradwell’s VoIP and Cloud Fileshare service will automatically upload your system files for consistent remote access from any fileshare verified device.

  • Rerouting to Mobile

As we already mentioned, a reliable VoIP provider will prevent your employees ever loosing contact with their peers and clientele. Our service allows you to seamlessly reroute the business network to all employees’ work mobiles so if they’re stuck at home they can easily hook right up. The only potential hurdle will be ensuring your employees have strong enough broadband to cope VPN and excessive file transfers. In 2015, this is less of an issue but it may be wise to survey your staff on their connectivity status as part of a careful disaster recovery plan.

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