Business will be able to further enhance their brands with the introduction of new internet domain suffixes.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)  announced this week that they are open for applications for new top-level domains (TLD) – the .com part of a web address. This means that traditional endings, such as .com and .org, could soon be joined by suffixes such as .pepsi, .virgin or .itv.

Although registering a new custom TLD will cost an expensive £120,000 ($185,000), ICANN has said the change will increase competition and choice in the domains market.

In December, the US Federal Trade Commission wrote to ICANN warning that the expansion of generic top-level domains  “has the potential to magnify both the abuse of the domain name system and the corresponding challenges we encounter in tracking down Internet fraudsters.

However, Peter Dengate Thrush, former chairman of ICANN’s board of directors, countered those claims and said the change is necessary for the future of the internet:

No-one would design a domain name system now for several billion users, just using a couple of names that we started the system with in 1985.

Obtaining a new domain is going to be a serious financial commitment for any business, yet in spite of this there has been significant interest in  these new custom domain endnigs, according some registration advisors . Stuart Durham of Melbourne IT DBS commented:

“We’re already working on over 100 applications – we’re expecting that to increase.” said.

The new changes will certainly open up the choice of domains for businesses, with cheaper domains on the traditional and .com TLDs being attractive to those who are looking to establish themselves, to those larger companies wishing to secure and expand their branding with their own TLD.

We will be able to host these new TLDs here at Gradwell. If you need to talk to someone about any of your web hosting or domain needs get in touch by calling 01225 800 808 or via email at

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