We are pleased to announce that, due to our most recent rate change, calls using our award-winning business telephony to some of the world’s most popular destinations are now up to 80% cheaper.

Landline and mobile calls India, which were previously 12 pence per minute (ppm), are now as low as 1.58ppm – a huge saving of 10.42p a minute.

Callers to India are not the only country to benefit from this change. VoIP calls to Pakistan mobiles or landlines are 6.86ppm, falling from 12ppm – a saving of over 40%.

To find out the latest call charges to a specific number, you can always use our handy call charge tool. Simply type in the number and we will tell you the pence per minute rate.

Our flexible business VoIP with an International minutes bundle, with unlimited calls to over 34 International countries, is a great option for those looking to reduce the cost of global calls even further. Call our sales team on 01225 800 808 for more information.


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