A recent review of broadband subscription rates across the world during 2011 has been released by the Broadband Forum using Point Topic’s Global Broadband Statistics.

The main finding from the short report is that 2011 was a huge year for broadband with an increase of12.3% in subscribers when compared with last year. The increase is the greatest experienced in the last five years.

Robin Mersh, CEO of the Broadband Forum said:

“This is an exciting return to higher growth figures and points to a strengthening in the broadband market.”

The report shows that, despite a previous slowdown in the connectivity market and the global downturn, more and more businesses realise the importance of business grade connectivity. This has been helped by improving coverage rates and the gradual introduction of next generation technologies, such as fibre broadband, giving access to greater, more reliable speeds.

The report also found that in regards to technology, DSL continues to be the main type of broadband connection used with 60.8% of the overall market using it. This statistic is forecast to change going forward as fibre technologies become more widely available and 3G/4G use becomes higher.

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