An Architects practice had what they thought was a thoroughly modern approach to business systems:

They had a fast broadband connection connecting their Architects and assistants to the Internet, a VoIP phone system and the usual web access requirements.

But their phone calls kept dropping and their Internet seemed to be running slowly.  Both suppliers blamed the other: the VoIP provider claimed the Broadband “was not up to the job” and the broadband provider said the VoIP was consuming excess bandwidth.

This situation carried on for 6 months while the business owners got increasingly frustrated.  A chance discussion led them to talk to Gradwell.

They were delighted to find that Gradwell offer “VoIP friendly” broadband services (yes, many are not VoIP Friendly!) and would happily take responsibility for both Broadband and VoIP.

With all responsibility in one set of hands, everything is now running very smoothly and the business is in the process of rolling out Office365 through Gradwell.  They are confident that having all three services with one provider means that issues can be quickly identified and resolved without blame and pointing fingers.

If you want to be able to focus on your business and let someone else take care of your key services, give us a call today…


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