In run up to Christmas, you may be thinking about making changes to a few of your phone settings to reflect office hours during the festive period. To make things a bit easier, we thought we’d remind you how to implement a few of the most common Christmas technical alterations.

Voicemail messages

Want to change your voicemail message so you can tell customers what your Christmas opening hours are? It’s really easy, and there are many ways to do it. Here is the most simple method:

To change the outgoing message from the extension you’re using, dial *1 to take you to voicemail. Press 0 for mailbox options, followed by 1 to change your message and follow the instructions given. Voila!

To change your voicemail an alternative way or to watch the walkthrough video go to


Want to temporarily redirect your calls to a different number? This is nice and simple too, and great if you’re out of office and want to your calls to go to your mobile, home number or a colleague. Here’s how:

Log in to your VoIP control panel and click on ‘Extensions’ from the left hand menu. Select the extension that you wish to divert and scroll down the page to ‘Divert and Transfer Settings’.

What you want here are the ‘Divert Time’, ‘Divert Mode’ and ‘Divert To’ fields. This is what they do:

Divert Time: This is how long you want the phone to ring before it diverts, measured in seconds. Please note, the divert will not be active if you input 0 or nothing at all.

Divert Mode: There are three options here:-

  1. Sequential – This is a standard divert, meaning the divert will kick in after however many seconds you choose, and the number you’ve diverted it to will ring instead.
  2. Delayed Parallel – This is the same as above, only the original phone will ring as well once the divert has kicked in. Use this if you might still be around to pick up the original phone
  3. Sequential With Repeat – With this method, the divert will work as the sequential does, only after the original phone either dies out or fails, both the divert and original phone will be called again.

Divert to: This is the number you want to divert to, such as your mobile or home phone number.

Ensure all changes you make are saved for them to be implemented.

For more details, screen shots, examples and how to turn your divert off, go to

Calendar based routing

If you’re going away and need to switch to and from a divert, calendar based routing is for you. This is how you can configure specific diverts for specific dates (such as bank holidays):

From your control panel, select ‘Calendar Based Routing’. Select the number to assign the rule to using the ‘Create Calendar Rule’ box. Name it something (e.g. Christmas hours) and click ‘Create’.

To create a new rule, simply select a date range and a destination (e.g. another phone).

For additional info such as walkthrough videos and FAQs go to


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