If I’m out of the office, visiting a client, I get my office calls redirected to my mobile. This means that my travelling time doesn’t have to be “dead time” and that I can take calls and deal with enquiries as if I was in the office.

In extreme weather, I’ve taken my desk phone home, plugged it into my broadband and been able to work giving the impression to anybody calling that I’m still in the office and it’s business as usual.

Given the flexibility of the system, there are different numbers to contact the sales team on. Each number has a different tag which displays on my phone and ensures that when I’m answering calls, I know which marketing campaign a prospect is responding to.

Overall, the VoIP system gives me a greater deal of flexibility than a traditional phone system as I can work from anywhere there is an internet connection and I no longer rely on being in the office to do business.


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