My job crosses quite a lot of sales and marketing disciplines. Apart from planning and executing lead generation campaigns, I try to help channel partners with their marketing (when they want me to), I’m involved in PR, Social, CRM, and I work quite closely with the sales team, especially when it comes to sales process.

So there are a lot of team members that I share my time with. This can mean that sometimes I struggle to get the peace and quiet that you sometimes need to produce something creative like email or landing page design.

Using Gradwell can really help with this. In fact, I’m in Starbucks right now, but if you call my office number, I have the Bria app on my mobile and that will ring, so I can answer just as if I’m in the office and don’t need to miss a single call (and if Peter calls, I might get lucky and he won’t notice the background noise – the perfect crime?).

And if I want to miss a call? (If we’re honest, we all do sometimes) my voicemail gets sent as an audio file to my email inbox which I can listen to on my laptop or my mobile. I can perform a quick triage – is it important? Sales call? Can somebody else deal with it? And if I need to, I can add a quick note (like help me please!) and forward the sound clip via email to a colleague.

So the phone system actually helps me communicate less and buys me the time and space to get things done when I need to.

It’s not just my working style though – the system actually helps me with the marketing. So if you’re responsible for marketing or advertising, here’s a great tip.

I can log in to the control panel and create a unique phone number for my marketing campaign or even for a single email or web page if I want to. Then, if somebody calls this number, the sales team knows exactly where the call is come from and is more prepared to deal with it. This also helps us to analyse how successful a campaign has been as we can see how many calls we received as a result.


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