A reliable and speedy network is essential for any modern business. As technology changes and develops, so do the needs of end users. Today, they are concerned with how fast the network works and how much downtown they are likely to experience, with anything less than 99.9% a problem.

Consumer’s expectations have become more sophisticated as technology progresses in the workplace, with services such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and cloud computing making working across several devices easier and more efficient.

The most important thing is to make sure your internet network is as cost–effective as possible for your business, while still meeting your needs. According to publisher and internet technology company Ziff Davis there are three steps you can take ensure you have a strong network for your business.

1.       Speed does matter.

Having a reliable and fast internet connection means productivities for your sales people improves as they can work quickly and more effectively. Having high-speed internet means you can look into implementing services such as VoIP or cloud computing, both of which offer cost–efficiencies, while being manageable for any business, no matter what size.

2.       Are you ready for the future?

It is important your LAN (Local area network) is a fast as ever as your needs change. The demands you put on will increase and it will need it to become even more reliable while being capable to handle the increased amounts of traffic.

It is important to think of the possible growth you might expect from your business and how that will impact on your network as you make your purchase plans. Although at the moment VoIP might not seem the right option for you, within 6 months or a year the flexibility and cost-savings it provides might be just what you are looking for and it is important that your internet connection can accommodate the calls you will make and receive.

3.       Going mobile

Smartphone numbers are rocketing. People are becoming reliant on their mobiles and, ever increasingly, the mobile internet connection that comes with it, not only to check their work emails but their personal emails. With apps such as CSipSimple  you can make and take VoIP calls on your mobile phone, allowing you to have a landline number reach you wherever you are, even while out of the office.

Mobility is key for the modern network. Allowing your employees to work remotely and log into the network is essential. The best way to do this is by creating a VPN (virtual private network), which allows your employees a secure way of accessing your network and their important data. This also means they can access the network from a remote location or device, which includes smartphone and laptop access.

It is important you make the right purchases for your company. Technology and your network is never static so new innovative products and services will be launched all the time, it is just important you choose the right ones for your business! Just make sure that your network can support all the new technology you are purchasing…

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