Poor voice quality

A common misconception associated with VoIP is that whichever provider you use, the voice quality will be worse than that of a standard telephone line. This is categorically wrong, as many will find that VoIP has better audio due to its digital service, in comparison to traditional analogue. And all you need is a reliable internet connection.

VoIP installation is really complex & confusing

When presented with new technology, many find the prospect of setting up a new system as particularly daunting. Worry not however, as VoIP is one piece of tech which requires minimal knowledge prior to installation as it works virtually. Once set up, extensions on a VoIP account are simply phones and allow users to make and receive calls. When you setup an extension and set up your VoIP credentials, you will then be able to make and receive calls. You also have the ability to configure other settings on the extension after creating it. Features such as call routing, conferencing and call barring are also very easy to manage.

VoIP calls are possible only from a PC

The notion that VoIP calls are only possible from a home computing device is quite frankly, wrong. The capabilities of VoIP are extensive in terms of devices that internet based telephony can be utilised from. All a device needs is an internet connection and a VoIP provider, allowing your tablets, mobiles, laptops and of course – your workplace desk phone to make lower cost, energy efficient and reliable phone calls across the globe.

Can’t make emergency calls

VoIP is starting to take a pivotal role in disaster recovery, as you may have read our last blog, VoIP has many advantages over traditional copper wire telephony when it comes to disaster situations. So of course the assumption that you cannot contact the emergency services is inherently incorrect; as with Gradwell telephony, customers can contact UK and international emergency services when and if necessary.

Changing a VoIP provider means losing your phone number

Keeping your telephone number is a concern for those making the initial transition to an internet based telephony solution. With VoIP you can have your number ported over to whichever VoIP service you wish to join, meaning you can maintain your brand consistency while enjoying the extra features VoIP has to offer. You can also get as many numbers as you want for your business.

VoIP is expensive

It is understandable for those considering the move to future tech, that the initial investment will be a costly investment. VoIP bucks this trend by allowing customers to structure their own minutes packages, while contracts for a single user VoIP account with Gradwell starts from just £4 a month! What about expanding your network you ask? Multi user accounts for up to 8 unique users start from only £8 a month. Then just choose the minutes bundle you need.

VoIP is new

Last but no means least, many still believe VoIP technology is a new concept. The technology itself has been widespread since the 1990’s and within the last ten years, VoIP has started to take over the telephony marketplace. In fact, a recent article suggests that 41% of businesses use VoIP telephony to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. If you would like to take part in the VoIP revolution and futureproof your business, click the link below to find out more about the award winning service Gradwell has to offer.


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