Workers have become so used to using indirect communication methods such as email and conference calls they are less confident communicating face to face, according to a new poll.

The survey by OfficeBroker found that 68% of workers preferred to deal with others over email or the phone, even if they were based in the same building. Just under a third said they preferred having direct conversations to solve problems because you get an instant response and you have the ability to discuss a range of issues quickly. However, more than half feel less confident when dealing with people in person, choosing email, phone and video calls as their favoured communication methods.

Email was the preferred communication method amongst workers, mainly because you can record and track conversations for reference, as well as attach documents, create links and communicate with multiple people at different locations with ease.

Phone communication is still used when an immediate decision is required, although most of those polled said they would usually still use email as a first point of contact.
While the majority of those polled said they preferred to deal indirectly with others, a whopping 97% of the participants said it was important to ‘put a face to an email address’ and agreed that this was beneficial for promoting long-term working relationships.

What do you think? Do you still prefer communicating via email despite being in a small business?


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