Here are five really simple ways to use communications technology to help you close sales faster.

#1 Take the office with you

If you have a direct line (if you haven’t, you should get one), forward calls to your mobile when you’re out of the office.

#2 Share and delegate

Get your voicemail delivered to your email inbox. You can then listen to it on your mobile between appointments. If the message is important and you don’t have time to deal with it right now, forward the whole recording (plus your own notes) to a colleague in the office to pick up.

#3 Guide and direct

Set up the right way, voice prompts on your phone system can not only get the customer or prospect through to the right department, but to the exact person they need to speak to.

#4 Work as a team

Use hunt groups on your phone system, so that if the phone isn’t answered, another one rings.

# 5 Make the rules

Expecting that call? If you’re waiting on the “yes call” from a client or prospect, but can’t sit around waiting all day, tell the phone system to forward calls from that specific number to your mobile.


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