The Cloud is not only one of the most convenient tech innovations to appear this side of the millennium but it’s also revolutionised the discourse of global business.

To help reiterate the importance of the Cloud, we’ve compiled a top three list of the ways Cloud computing has benefited modern business that you may have yet to consider…

  • Oh So Green

You can’t get any more environmentally friendly than the Cloud when it comes to digital distribution. The exchange of large files between businesses was once exclusive to those who could afford superior network tools but with the Cloud, even a postgraduate start up can host a megaton of data for global sharing. Furthermore, it’s given many industries such as the healthcare sector an opportunity to digitise and share clinical records while allowing staff freedom of access wherever they may be. If anything, the Cloud is a huge benefit to the transgression of human productivity.

  • Universal Access

Prior to the Cloud, data hosting was something of a pain. Businesses would pay premiums to host data and not everybody had convenient access. By opening the Cloud to all computing devices, people no longer have to worry if their tech has compatible access to a specific kind of data. To put it in domestic terms, think about media streaming – we can now stream content in real time from a PlayStation 4 to a mobile phone and play the game on that device – it’s the same for business, as long as there’s a Cloud server, there are no barriers to compatibility!

  • A New Era of Entrepreneurship

The digital age has seen countless new business titles appear that probably wouldn’t have made the slightest bit of sense in the 1990s. One of the chief catalysts for this new era of entrepreneurial innovation is, yep – the Cloud. By bringing accessible, integral tech back into the bedroom and massively lowering the cost of data hosting; pretty much anybody can cut up front costs on a digital business. The Cloud cuts out the need to pay for physical storage, it allows potential business partners immediate access to essential data and promotes innovative productivity.

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