We’re finally approaching the end of 2012, another year of phenomenal advancement in technology and office trends that could change the way we work forever. Here are some ideas to utilise to make 2013 a better business year for you.

1.Save money on phone calls

A lot of businesses get roped into long phone contracts because they opt for the telecoms giants. But just because everyone knows the name of the phone company doesn’t mean it’s the best out there. Smaller companies often charge less, offer cheaper deals and have better customer service.

If you still use a traditional phone line then you could benefit by moving to VoIP (making calls over an internet connection). Our cost calculator can show you how much money you can save on line rental and calls per month by switching to Gradwell VoIP.

2. Move towards unified communications

Unified communications is the integration of your communication devices, making everything more streamlined and reducing the need for loads of kit. For example, Gradwell services integrate business phone, broadband, fax and voicemail so you can access everything in one place.

You can also use a single phone number for multiple locations, and forward to your home landline or your mobile. Receive and send faxes via email, so there’s no need for an outdated machine. Have your voicemail messages emailed too – great for streamlining your day to day tasks.

By moving towards unified communications, you can save money and space while becoming more productive, making it easier to manage your communication devices.

3. Encourage remote working

Remote working increases productivity of busy workers who are juggling work with other things – family, commuting, multiple offices and overseas bases. Technology such as VoIP means that staff can work from anywhere with an internet connection while maintaining the same level of communication with other staff and customers as they would in the office.

In many job roles there’s a lot of travel and off site meetings. With VoIP you can divert your office phone to your mobile so you don’t miss a call, or can hot desk at another site. Staff can work during their commute, or better still work from home. This increases efficiency, productivity and often job satisfaction too.

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