If your business is just starting out and you want to increase awareness of your brand without spending money, then consider building your online presence. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your website without breaking the bank.

Potential customers need to be engaged in a way that suits them, and the internet is the world’s biggest source of information and communication. There are some simple ways to do this, and while the process takes time, the improvement to your business is invaluable.

1.Start a blog

Blogging allows you to share your specialist knowledge with the world, and gives you the opportunity to differentiate your brand from the competition. It’s free, easy and ranks really well on Google. If you post once or twice a week (more if possible), you’ll quickly build a selection of content that reflects the knowledge of your business, which can be accessed by anyone who searches the right words or is directed there from another site. It can also be used for announcements and other news.

With a blog running alongside your website, you can keep your main website much more focused and tidy without losing out on opportunities to share knowledge. Linking back to your website within your blog will increase traffic to the site.

2.Get on board with social media

Social media makes you more available to customers, and allows you to network and build relationships, both with customers and prospects. Share new blog posts, link to the website, offer special deals and discounts and share photos from around the office. Twitter is a fantastic way to communicate concisely, while Google+ boosts your search engine ranking.

Not every form of social media will work well for all businesses – do some research and see which is most appropriate for you. If you build a lot of business contacts then LinkedIn would be a good bet, whereas Pinterest could work wonders if your product is very visual (interior designers, restaurants and graphic designers are good examples).

3.Become a part of the online community

These days there’s a forum for everything, and they’re a great place to meet like-minded business people and help others with your knowledge. Take a look at general business forums such as UKBusinessForums and UKBusinessLabs, and find some communities specific to your field too – you’ll find interesting information to help your business, but you can also share your knowledge and generate interest in your brand. It’s another great way to build a reputation as being an expert in your field, as well as building trust and giving the personal touch.


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