IT professionals with good back-end web skills, such as PHP developers and VoIP engineers, are becoming amongst the most sought after professionals in 2011, according to tech entrepreneur Peter Gradwell.

Average industry salaries have risen by almost 10% since 2009; the average salary for a PHP Developer is now £32,500.

It’s increasingly becoming a candidate’s market,” said Peter, MD and founder of Gradwell, the internet services provider to SMEs, “with IT professionals holding the right skills being snapped up quickly by fast moving businesses. Gradwell is no exception as we are recruiting PHP and VoIP specialists to join our growing business.

We are very aware that our customers require the best technical and customer support and are addressing this by recruiting skilled IT professionals with these sought after specialisms.

IT recruitment specialist Jason Baker agrees:

IT professionals are in high demand partly because there are 50% fewer students taking IT related degrees compared with 10 years ago, so there’s a shortage of highly skilled candidates.

Peter continues:

Gradwell needs a highly skilled team to continue to grow but we know that we’ll need to offer a competitive package to attract the very best. We have learnt from experience that hesitating before recruiting a suitable candidate can leave you gazumped as IT professionals are snapped up by other firms.

Jason agreed: “Companies that have the attitude that the candidate is in a subservient position are losing out to businesses that view the process as a partnership.

Gradwell offers businesses internet services such as VoIP, EFM and mobile phone contracts as a MVNO and is recruiting skilled IT professionals with PHP and VoIP experience. Visit for more information.

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  1. Jeremy Hutchings 11th February 2011 at 10:32 pm - Reply

    Awesome 13+ years of PHP and 6+ years in Asterisk ……… alas I’m not returning to the UK for a little bit !

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